*Affordable education in a safety country

Turkey is a safety and beautiful country where you can find affordable education. Tuition and living cost are lower than in United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America and most European countries.

* Health and insurance

All international students can take the advantage of “general health insurance” coverage in Turkey. If you have the "general health insurance", you can use all state hospitals without a fee and also private hospitals paying a moderate fee.

*High standards in education

Turkish Universities offers you quality of the education and world of opportunities to get skills you will need for today’s global and competitive world.

*Recognized degrees all over the world

Turkish Universities grant degrees that are recognized around the world.

*Modern university campuses

Turkish Universities offer you modern campuses where have qualified libraries and advanced laboratories in which you can search for and acquire knowledge. You will enjoy being a student in Turkey with sports and cultural facilities, student clubs and dormitories.

*Scholarship Opportunities

There are a wide variety of scholarship opportunities in Turkey available for you.

*Warm and hospitable  country

Turkish people are traditionally very hospitable.

*The bridge to world

Turkey is a country in which West and East meet in a much broader sense.

*Young Population

Turkey has a young population. 38 % of the Turkish population are between the ages of 14 – 30. 

*Cultural diversity

You will see the eastern mysticism and western modernity together in Turkey. You will feel yourself at home in Turkey because a mosaic of cultures has been embedded in Turkish culture.

*Work permission for international students in Turkey

International students can work while they are studying in Turkey 25 hours per a week.